SAFCA Public Liability Cover Payment and cancellation Policy

Payment Methods

  • Payment of SAFCA membership fees by debit order is our main and preferred payment method. A manual cash or eft payment into the SAFCA bank account is only allowed by sending a written request and motivation thereof. These requests can be sent to, upon which a written confirmation of acceptance will be provided.
  • Debit orders are taken from the nominated bank account on the sixteenth (16th) day of each month, or the next working day thereafter if the sixteenth(16th) is on a Public Holiday, Saturday or Sunday.
  • SAFCA only has one debit order date available and cannot make an exception to this date.
  • The payment of membership fees on the sixteenth (16th) are for that specific month.
  • To ensure the debit orders are deducted from our client’s bank accounts on time, the final amendments and additions can only be made on the system by latest 4 working days prior to the sixteenth or next working day as per mentioned above. This is a system requirement set out by the SAFCA Bankers. Thus, the cut-off date for amendments to the debit orders are strictly the tenth (10th) of every month to allow ample time for processing of the amendment request.
  • Any request for amendment to banking details, additions or cancellations after the tenth(10th) will be processed in the next cycle.


  • It remains the client’s responsibility to ensure that payment of SAFCA membership fees are up to date to ensure PL cover.
  • In the case of a debit order being rejected and sent back by the bank, it serves as non-payment for that specific month.
  • To rectify a failed payment, arrangements can be made to deduct a double debit order in the next debit order cycle or the arrears can be rectified by manual cash or eft payment into SAFCA’s bank account.
  • Clients who have an arrangement to pay their fees manually monthly need to do so by the 16th of the month. If no payment is received by then, it serves as a non-payment.
  • Note that your public liability insurance is a conditional benefit of your membership. Non-payment of any monthly membership fee and subsequent loss of membership due to non-payment means that your public liability automatically falls away upon non-payment of membership fees, that is – no membership, no public liability insurance.

Cancellation procedure

  • A one (1) month written notice is required for any cancellation of membership. These cancellation requests can be sent to or
  • No written cancellation of cover requests will be accepted after the tenth(10th) of the month. All requests received after the cut-off date will be processed in the next cycle.
  • Only a cancellation of cover certificate issued by Forestry & General serves as confirmation that public liability cover has been cancelled, where after the debit order will either be removed from our system or amended to exclude the costs of the public liability insurance benefitif the member wishes to retain membership, but cancel the insurance benefit.

Application for Public Liability Cover and SAFCA Membership

  • Forestry contractors working for timber growers (Principal) are eligible for SAFCA membership.
  • Applications for Public Liability cover is subject to the risk evaluation and discretion of the Underwriters or the Binder Holder for the SAFCA Policy.
  • Applicants who wish to obtain membership and not the public liability insurance cover, need only complete section A. Applicants who wish to have both, need to complete both sections A & B.
  • If you do not have an existing contract with your principal, a certificate of insurance will only be issued once the contract is officially awarded. Should your application be approved (re liability insurance) whilst in contract negotiations with your principal, a letter of approval will be issued for submission to your principal.
  • Each and every page MUST be initialed. No initial = no assessment.
  • The following documents must accompany each new application : (Certified copies)
    –  Company / CC / trust – official registration documentation.
    –  Sole trader or partnership: Copies of identity document/-s.
    –  Company / CC / partnership: Resolution on letterhead of applicant authorising the person completing application to do so.
  • Applications need to be sent to Forestry & General via email at

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Downloadable Forms

Application Form
Debit Order Form