Application for Spread of Fire Risk Cover and SAFCA Membership

SAFCA membership is available to forestry contractors working for timber growers (Principal). Applications for Spread of Fire Risk (SFR) Cover are subject to risk evaluation and the discretion of the Underwriters or the Binder Holder for the SAFCA Policy.

If you only wish to obtain SAFCA membership without the Spread of Fire Risk insurance cover, please complete section A of the application. If you wish to have both membership and insurance cover, complete both sections A and B.

If you do not have an existing contract with your principal, a certificate of insurance will only be issued once the contract is officially awarded. If your application for liability insurance is approved while in contract negotiations, a letter of approval will be issued for submission to your principal.

Please ensure that each page of the application is initialled, as this is required for assessment. Certified copies of the following documents must accompany each new application:

  • Company / CC / trust – official registration documentation.
  • Sole trader or partnership: Copies of identity document(s).
  • Company / CC / partnership: Resolution on letterhead of applicant authorizing the person completing the application.

Applications should be sent to Forestry & General via email at

For any general enquiries, please contact

If you have any further questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Our dedicated team at SAFCA is here to help. You can contact us by emailing:
Please note that Forestry & General is our partnered administrative team responsible for handling applications, vetting them, and approving them. For any administrative-related inquiries, you can reach out to Liz at

SAFCA Spread of Fire Risk Cover Payment and Cancellation Policy

Payment Methods

At SAFCA, we offer various methods for payment of membership fees. Our preferred method is through debit order, which can be set up for automatic monthly deductions from your nominated bank account. If you prefer to make electronic funds transfer (EFT) payment, you can do so by sending a written request and motivation to Please note that this option requires prior approval, and a written confirmation will be provided upon acceptance.

Debit orders are processed on the sixteenth (16th) day of each month. If the sixteenth falls on a public holiday, Saturday, or Sunday, the debit order will be processed on the next working day. It is important to note that SAFCA only has one debit order date and cannot make exceptions to this date. The membership fees deducted on the sixteenth are for that specific month.

To ensure timely deduction of debit orders, any amendments or additions to banking details must be made by the tenth (10th) of each month or the next working day. This requirement is set by our bankers and allows sufficient time for processing. Any requests received after the cutoff date will be processed in the next cycle.


It is the responsibility of our members to ensure that their SAFCA membership fees are paid on time to maintain Spread of Fire Risk Cover.
  • If a debit order is rejected and returned by the bank, it will be considered non-payment for that specific month.
  • To rectify a failed payment, arrangements can be made to deduct a double debit order in the next cycle, or the arrears can be settled through an EFT payment into SAFCA’s bank account.
For clients who have arrangements to pay their fees manually monthly, payment must be made by the 16th of the month. Failure to make payment by the specified date will be considered non-payment.

Please note that Spread of Fire Risk Cover is a conditional benefit of SAFCA membership. Non-payment of any monthly membership fee and subsequent loss of membership due to non-payment will result in the automatic cancellation of Spread of Fire Risk Cover.

Cancellation Procedure

If you wish to cancel your SAFCA membership, a written notice of one (1) month is required. Cancellation requests can be sent to or Please ensure that the cancellation request is submitted before the tenth (10th) of the month. Requests received after the cutoff date will be processed in the next cycle.

Only a cancellation of cover certificate issued by Forestry & General serves as confirmation that Spread of Fire Risk Cover has been cancelled. If you choose to retain your membership but cancel the insurance benefit, the debit order will be either removed from our system or amended to exclude the costs of the Spread of Fire Risk cover insurance benefit.

We understand the importance of having comprehensive coverage for spread of fire risks in the forestry industry. That is why we strive to make the payment and cancellation process as clear and convenient as possible. By adhering to our policies, you can ensure that your SAFCA membership and Spread of Fire Risk Cover remain active and provide you with the necessary protection.

Thank you for choosing SAFCA. We appreciate your trust and look forward to serving you